I didn’t see any mention of these artes when I did some Googling so I’m assuming they’re still unused in the English version.

Some of the others are still in, but are in Japanese.

Just checked and Muzét’s unused artes were voiced!

Found a list of the unused artes in ToX and some of them have been voiced in English while others are still in Japanese (and reversed for some reason). I’ll post a few of them once I go through Muzét’s.

mortimer-sama asked:

Well, that's possible. They actually dubbed some unused lines in ToS Chronicles. XD (Dark Blade, Final Fury, Sephiroth... etc)

I remember reading that Gaius had Cure and Resurrection, which were unused in the Japanese version, so I imagine they’re unused in the English version as well?

(They’re still present. If they really are unused I may upload them later.)

denizenofthedark asked:

Oh hey, since you're going trough ToX1-2's files... Any clues as for where the characters voices are stored? I had no luck

There are a few different kinds of audio files and so far all of the voices are either AT3 or BNSF. I think ToX2 has them towards the beginning (at least some of them) while ToX has them towards the end.

mortimer-sama asked:

Glad to hear it. And if you look the ToX audio, maybe check if there's some unused artes/spells?I don(t really know if there's some unused stuff in Xillia. (Except maybe that Rutee model)

I think there were some in the Japanese version, but I don’t know if any made it into the English version. I’ll take a look once I find out whose voices are where!

mortimer-sama asked:

This is Rowen's ringtone maybe? I don't remember. And you find those by yourself? Do you have any others? ^^

I’ll post the others later. Right now I’m taking a look at the audio from ToX to see if there’s anything of interest.

It’s been a while since I played ToX2 and I don’t remember who had which ringtone. Woops.

Went back and added “kor meteor” to some of the older posts

I’ll probably start adding the localized names to some of the others as well